Roadmap to v3

Outlining a 2023 first-half roadmap to elevate Unicly.


The focus for February is optimizing frontend performance and stability, with three main goals:
  1. 1.
    Migrating from OpenSea API to Alchemy for NFT fetching.
  2. 2.
    Fixing issues with the farms page regarding APR fetching for all users.
  3. 3.
    Migrating from hosted TheGraph service to decentralized version.
We are also enhancing our technical capabilities by updating the external libraries utilized in our frontend, which will improve the overall technology stack and facilitate more efficient future development.


Our early '23 technical roadmap has two key focuses: improving the frontend in February, and optimizing smart contracts in March. This includes a redeployment of the vault contract to prepare for proxy transactions governed by vault holders shortly after.
Following the redeployment of crucial contracts, we'll integrate proxy transaction capabilities into our frontend, enabling DAOs, guilds, and NFT groups to fully utilize all the benefits attached to their vaulted NFTs. A more detailed post about how proxy transactions work will follow.


April '23 brings a big surprise! We're developing a revolutionary fractionalization feature, allowing fraction holders to co-own fractionalized NFTs and wrapping each fraction in its own ERC-721 NFT. Unlike other fractionalization protocols, Unicly V3 is taking a new approach to fraction NFT creation. While we can't reveal the specifics yet, we're eager to share more as we near the April launch.

May - June

Building on our early '23 tech developments, our aim is to launch a fractions-first NFT collection from May to June. The artwork is already underway and we'll soon be onboarding community members for allowlisting.