Move from Farm v2 to Farm v3

Welcome to UNIC Farm v3! Now you can stake and earn xUNIC instead of UNIC and earn even higher APYs. The following tutorial will help you move from the Farm v2 protocol to Farm v3.

  1. Scroll down until you find the farm that you have already staked your LP Tokens into. It should look something like this:

When you get here, ensure that you claim all pending UNIC that you still have in this pool. To do this, click "Claim".

3. Next, you will need to unstake your existing LP tokens. To do this, click "Unstake". A pop-up will show up prompting you to choose how much of your total you would like to unstake. We recommend you unstake all of it to move to Farm v3.

4. After everything has been unstaked, go to

5. Scroll back down to the Farm that you want to add your LP tokens to. It should look something like this:

Similarly to when you first farmed your LP tokens for v2, you need to approve the LP tokens so that they can be sent to the new Farm v3 smart contract. After that is done, you can stake your LP tokens just as you would for Farm v2.

Once you have staked your LP tokens for Farm v3, you will start earning xUNIC immediately!

Please notice that using v3 farm includes a 10% rewards fee.

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