How to shop for NFTs on Unicly

Wanna find and purchase some NFTs from available Unicly collections? We'll teach you how!

Unicly allows everyone to find NFTs available in uToken collection and bid on them individually to purchase them.

Let's learn how to do it! Firstly, go to

Step 1: Find a uToken collection

While it is possible to find a uToken collection from alternate routes such as friends sending you direct links, the easiest way to find the biggest collections is simply by going to our discover page! The following is what you will see on our discover page:

On this page, you can find all of the uTokens available on the platform ordered by Market Cap. You may directly go to each dashboard or buy their uToken individually. You can also search for specific uTokens by inputting their address in the search bar. In addition, whitelisted uTokens will get a designated green star next to their name to denote their whitelist status. In order to shop for the NFTs in the uToken collection, select either Bid on NFTs or the name of the uToken.

Step 2: Bidding on an NFT

After going to the dissolution page, you will see all of the metadata regarding the uToken and the percent of tokens currently staked. Underneath that information, you will also find all of the individual NFTs found in that collection. If a collection hasn't reached its unlock threshold (shown by the progress bar), you have the ability to bid on any of the NFTs. The following is what the dissolution dashboard looks like:

Note: After you bid on an item, you may not unbid for at least 3 days after your initial bid if you are the highest bidder for those 3 days. After waiting for 3 days, you may remove your bid from the NFT. If someone sets a higher bid after you, you may unbid and bid higher immediately after the competing bid is placed. The bid is finalized when the collection is unlocked.

If an NFT receives no bids at time of unlock, it will not be claimable and stay locked in the contract. Users must have a non-zero bid in order to be considered a winner.

Once the collection is unlocked and you successfully won the bidding war, you may immediately claim that NFT which then transfers that NFT from the collection to your local wallet's address. A claimable NFT looks like the following:

Congratulations! You now know to successfully find and bid on individual NFTs that are part of uToken collections!

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