How to fractionalize your NFTs

Unicly allows anyone to create collections of their NFTs and fractionalize them. Below are the steps to accomplish this on

Collecting NFTs

Before creating a Unicly collection, you must ensure you have a browser-based wallet (such as Metamask, WalletConnect, Coinbase Wallet, etc.) with NFTs connected to the address. We support the following Ethereum-based NFT types:

  • ERC721

  • ERC1155

Once you have added the supported NFT types to your account, you can move on to the first step.

Step 1: The uToken List Dashboard

Head over to the uToken page from the navbar. Please connect your wallet if not connected already. The page should look similar to the following if connected correctly:

Underneath "uToken Creation", you will see all of the current Unicly collections you are still configuring. Underneath "Available for Bidding", you will see all of your already created Unicly collections.

Step 2: Create and configure a new Unicly collection

To start creating a new Unicly collection, click on "Create uToken." You will then be prompted with a screen to enter the following configuration information regarding your new Unicly collection.

  • uToken Name: The name of the Unicly collection.

  • Ticker Symbol: The ticker symbol for the Unicly collection. Every ticker begins with a "u" and all letters afterwards are capital letters.

  • Total Supply: The total supply of the token generated on creation of the collection.

  • Percentage of supply needed to unlock NFT collection: When this percentage of supply is staked, the NFT collection is "unlocked". Unlocking a collection causes all of the NFTs in the collection to be claimable to the highest bidder at the time. If no bid occurs on an NFT, it is LOCKED FOREVER. If unlocking the collection, it is important to bid even 0.00000001 ETH on every NFT so that they can be pulled back out.

  • Description: An optional description of the Unicly collection.

Once all of this information is filled out, it should similar to the following:

After everything is filled out, click the "Next Step" button to start adding NFTs to your collection!

Step 3: Add NFTs to your new collection

Once you get to the next screen, you will be greeted by a table that should load all of the NFTs associated with your account. This table should look like the following:

Once here, you can start selecting the NFTs you want to add to your collection. After selecting one, you can also change the number of copies you want to add to the collection (if it has multiple copies). Once all of the NFTs you want are selected, cards will pop up below the table that looks like the following:

In order to transfer over the NFT from your wallet to the newly created collection, you must select "Confirm Smart Contract." This will allow the newly created collection to access the NFTs from the original contract. Once the contract is confirmed, you are now able to deposit any NFTs from that contract into the newly created collection. Select "Deposit NFT" to do this.

Note: You can deposit up to 50 NFTs at a time. If you add more to the collection, you can split the deposits across multiple transactions.

After performing the steps above, your page should look like the following:

Once all of the NFTs you want are selected and deposited, click "Confirm and Issue uTokens" to finalize the creation of your Unicly collection! Your uTokens will be sent to your wallet address immediately.

Step 4: Now what?

After confirming and issuing your uTokens, you should now see a screen like this:

From here, you can view the newly created contract on Etherscan, add liquidity to the tokens to allow other people to trade it, or go directly to the collection dashboard.

This is an example of a uToken collection dashboard. You can share the link to this dashboard (by copying the URL from your browser). People will be able to do everything related to your uToken from this page. They'll be able to browse and bid on the NFTs, buy the uTokens, and govern the collection.

Congratulations! You just created your first Unicly NFT Collection!

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