How to earn more rewards with Advanced Staking

Advanced staking is a brand new feature we're introducing to allow you to earn even more rewards on your xUNIC!

While we already allow staking through the UNIC to xUNIC process, we are introducing a new way to earn rewards on Unicly. We call it Advanced Staking.

Advanced staking allows you to lock up your xUNIC for a designated period of time (7, 30, 60, or 90 days) and get a set amount of UNIC or your favorite uToken in return. A proxy farmer will continuously funnel UNIC into the UNIC pool, and uToken holders will supply uTokens to the advanced staking pools in return for a higher reward weight for farming UNIC.

The following outlines the process of creating advanced staking pools, adding rewards, staking your xUNIC to these pools, and harvesting your rewards.

Please note: your wallet must be connected to the Unicly portal in order to do any of these actions.

Step 1: Go to Manage Pool Rewards

First, navigate to the Unicly portal and head over to the Advanced Staking page. You can do this by clicking on the Farms dropdown, and clicking on Advanced Farms.

After going to Advanced Staking, click on the Manage Pool Rewards tab. Your page should look like the following:

Step 2: Create the Pool!

Once you are on the Manage Pool Rewards page, you can search to find the pool you are looking for. Once you find it, it will have a button titled Create Pool if it has not already been created. If it has some other text, then someone has already created the pool! The following is an example:

To create the pool, simply click the button Create Pool and follow the steps on Metamask.

Step 2: Adding Rewards

Once the pool has been created, the Create Pool button should change to have Approve text instead. Since you are depositing uTokens into this pool, be sure to click Approve and follow the instructions laid out by your wallet provider. After this is done, the text will change to Add Rewards. After clicking on it, a new pop up will show up that looks like the following:

This pop up will allow you to input settings for adding rewards to the uToken pool. The start date and end date allows you to adjust when your rewards get distributed among staked participants. Your rewards will be distributed among the stakers linearly between those two periods of time. Once you enter those dates and the amount you would like to deposit, simply click Deposit and and follow the instructions laid out by your wallet provider.

That's it! You have just created an advanced staking pool for your uToken and added rewards to it for future stakers!

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