UNIC Token & Fair Launch
The platform was released on mainnet on April 7th, 10am ET. Liquidity mining for the UNIC token will start approx. 2pm UTC on May 18.
UNIC token address: 0x94E0BAb2F6Ab1F19F4750E42d7349f2740513aD5

UNIC Utility, Staking, xUNIC

You can earn more UNIC by staking UNIC (converting into xUNIC).
Unlock other pools, the xUNIC pool rewards do NOT accrue block by block. Instead, the xUNIC:UNIC ratio goes up over time, so when you redeem your xUNIC for UNIC, you actualize the APR.
APR will fluctuate on price, fees (which come from volume) + who enters and exits the pools - it's not a fixed number.
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    0.05% of all volume on Unicly is taken as fees, and are periodically used to buy UNIC. This UNIC is distributed to the xUNIC pool, making the UNIC:xUNIC ratio go up over time. xUNIC doesn't earn yield block by block, since this conversion is made periodically. This part follows the exact same model as SUSHI and xSUSHI: https://help.sushidocs.com/products/sushiswap-staking-sushibar-xsushi
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    0.5% of all uTokens minted on Unicly gets vested over 100 days. Any vested tokens can be sold to buy UNIC on the market. The UNIC purchased is distributed to xUNIC holders.
  3. 3.
    20% of all farming rewards go to xUNIC holders. This percentage is subject to change based on token holder voting.

Tokenomics & Fair Launch

Unicly will have a true fair launch. There will be no pre-mining and no pre-sale investors. 90% of UNIC tokens will only be minted via liquidity mining and 10% will progressively be allocated to the development team as they get minted over time. On day 1, 0xLeia will start with 1 token in order to vote in the first set of whitelisted pools that will enable liquidity mining. As soon as more UNIC is minted, the community will have the power to govern the platform themselves.
0.05% of all trading volume on Unicly's AMM exchange is used to buy back UNIC on Unicly automatically.
UNIC token distribution
Each month, the mint rate of UNIC tokens will decrease by 5%, starting at a monthly mint amount of 50,000 UNIC. Therefore, the supply will never reach 1M UNIC.
UNIC supply over time
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